About Us

Hey there, my name is John....  Pretty exciting so far, huh?  Stick with me!

A designer by trade, I’m always looking for ways to make life better.

When I see a solution to a problem, I want to be the guy that that brings that product to life and make people say, “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” So, with that. “WDI Custom Products” was born.

I now utilize my design and modeling skills, in conjunction with multiple 3D print centers, to bring new designs and tools to life.  My first product to market is the SLO-MOunt switch machine mounting template.  It solves the issue of drilling mounting holes under a train layout in hard to reach areas.  It’s a major time saver and just one of many products I have designed for the model railroading niche.

Please come along with us on our journey as we work to help make your modeling a bit easier and to let you concentrate on the fun side of modeling.

Now, if you are astute, you probably noticed that our title is WDI Custom Products & more.  That’s the side of our business where we also provide you access to many of the other already produced tools that are ever so essential to model work in general.  We are going to be adding many of the tools we feel are essential to model work and make this site a one-stop-shop for all your modeling needs.  If there’s a tool you can’t find, let us know and we will see what we can find.

And hey, if there's a problem you are struggling to solve, let me and my team see what we can do you help you out.  We may not have a solution, but the more heads the better!